About Lapulapu-Cebu International College (LCIC)

About Lapulapu-Cebu International College (LCIC)

LCIC (Lapulapu-Cebu International College) is neither a vocational college nor just a language school. Learn about specialist fields in English alongside exchange students from all over the world as well as local students at this international university that nurtures people who will be active on the international stage. – see above, top page

Accepting short-term international students from July 2022!

*Eligibility: Junior college, university or graduate school students

We plan to be able to receive international students from June 2022
coming from various countries including Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Vietnam and many more.

Lapulapu-Cebu International College (LCIC) is
certified as a university by the government of the Philippines.

  • – The teaching staff are all licensed and experienced and mostly have post graduate degrees.
  • – All teaching staff have proper training in teaching ESL classes based on communicative teaching pedagogy.
  • – Subjects for which students have fulfilled requirements such as attendance, reports and exams will be recognised by the university as completed credits.

Campus Map

Campus Map

English language education principles

We provide international students with quality English education at all levels

  • – become globally competent
  • – develop cross-cultural understanding
  • – improve communication skills

Educational philosophy is put into practice with the college’s seasoned president and a multi-awarded professor from the country’s top university.

President Grace R. Gorospe – Jamon
President Grace R. Gorospe – Jamon
– an alumna from the University of the Philippines
– former professor at the University of the Philippines
– worked at the University of the Philippines for 40 years
– an award-winning professor in UP
– Consistent top 3 performing faculty in UP based off students evaluation

Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science October 1998
Master of Arts in Political Science April 1981
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science April 1976

Message from the President

The goal of LCIC is to promote international understanding through language and cultural experience. Located in the historic island of Mactan, Cebu, our campus will allow you to live with the community and enjoy the sights, traditions, and marine environment. Our language programs are designed to facilitate the attainment and learning in the five skills of languages – reading, writing, speaking, listening and cultural adaptation. The ESL program of our school gives the students the ability to understand and speak the English language and experience Cebu with its gentle and mild-mannered people. In LCIC, students learn to become who they want to be and express themselves in their native, second, and foreign languages. We hope to welcome you to our campus someday and tour you around as you learn to speak and listen in our second language – English.

Vanessa Madelo, Head of foreign languages faculty
Vanessa Madelo, Head of foreign languages faculty
– an alumna from the University of San Carlos
– PhD in English major in Languages, University of San Jose
– 16 years faculty at the University of Cebu

“Lapulapu-Cebu International College (LCIC) offers courses that include Japanese language and culture to all Filipino students. These programs provide opportunities for both Filipino and international students to have an exchange of learning where the international students can learn not just the English language, but also the Filipino culture, and the Filipino students can learn Japanese language and culture. LCIC assures international students a quality education with a friendly and conducive learning environment. We are all excited to welcome and educate you at LCIC.”

Gary Cook, Supervising Director, English Department
Gary Cook, Supervising Director, English Department
– From New Zealand
– Master of Applied Linguistics, Victoria University
– Extensive years of experience teaching English all over the world including Spain, France, England and Japan

Travelling broadens the mind, and fosters independence. Seize this opportunity to improve your English language skills while opening yourself to new experiences. Gain confidence in your ability to communicate by interacting with the friendly Filipino people. Take this step forward to become more independent and learn a new culture in a supportive academic environment. See you in Cebu!


Mode of establishment: Limited company Opening:
September 2021
Area of grounds 64,803㎡ Student capacity: 1,600 (400 per intake)
Area of school buildings: 17,250㎡; student halls: 10,500㎡ (planned) Exchange student capacity: 492