Cebu, in the Philippines, is well-connected to Japan and is a popular tourist destination with its gorgeous year-round summer beach.
It is also appealing as a learning destination.

Kind people and a pleasant climate – feel the tropical vibes in Cebu!

The Philippines is a Southeast Asian island nation. It has an extensive historical ties to both Spain and America. Filipino and English are the official languages. The country has been impacted by Western culture, however, rice is the staple food and the cost of living is affordable, making it a relatively simple country to live in for Japanese people. The climate is similar to that of a Japanese summer all year. Cebu has two climates: a tropical wet climate and a dry one. As a result, it is a pleasant location to live. There are three reasons why the Philippines has become a popular foreign student destination in recent years.
First, is the volume of people who speak English. After America and India, it has the world’s third largest English-speaking population.Second, there’s also the warm and friendly culture known as Filipino hospitality. You will feel connected to your teachers and will be able to focus on any subject.The third factor is the diverse natural and global surroundings. The beautiful endless summer beach attracts students and tourists from all over the world, allowing you to develop your global perspective through a variety of cross-cultural activities. Why don’t you make the most of this amazing opportunity and expand your educational horizons in Cebu?

There are direct flights from Narita Airport, Chubu International Airport, and Kansai International Airport to Cebu


Direct flight from Kansai International Airport



Time difference

ahead of Japanese Standard Time



  • Cebu city centreCebu city centre
  • Oslob VillageOslob Village
  • Kawasan Falls 透明度が抜群で青色を保つ滝壺。Kawasan Falls
    A perfectly clear blue plunge pool.
  • ボホール島 世界最小のサル「ターシャ」に会う。Bohol Island
    Meet the Tarsier, the world’s smallest monkey in Loboc,Bohol.

Enjoy your day off to the fullest!

Since you are in Cebu to study anyway, you may want to enjoy the tourist spots.
For example, you can have this kind of day tour!


Average monthly temperatures in Cebu and Tokyo in 2020

Cebu has a tropical climate with a year-round summer. Summer clothing can be worn almost all year.

By month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Cebu 27°C 26°C 27°C 28°C 30°C 30°C 28°C 29°C 29°C 28°C 28°C 27°C
Tokyo 11.1°C 13.3°C 16.0°C 18.2°C 24.0°C 27.5°C 27.7°C 34.1°C 28.1°C 21.4°C 18.6°C 8.6°C

Data reference: average temperature – JMA, Past Weather in Cebu City