5 reasons to study here

5 reasons to study here

1English language study program fees are reasonable

Less expensive than studying in Europe or America
Fees include tuition, accommodation, meals and utilities
Short-term stay (4 weeks): 2,080 USD (incl. tax)  

Medium-term stay (18 weeks): 9,360 USD (incl. tax)

*You will also need to pay an admission fee of 200 USD, (travel costs from your home to Mactan-Cebu Airport) and for textbooks.

  • Inclusion:
  • tuition, accommodation, meals and utilities.
  • Short-term stay4 weeks

    2,080USD (incl. tax)

  • Medium-term stay18 weeks

    9,360USD (incl. tax)

It is possible to stay for 4 weeks then continue for 18 weeks!

Can save about 1/2 to 1/3 of the cost of studying in Europe or America!

Travels costs from your home country to the Philippines is also cheaper, as well as the living costs too!

Rent, utilities and 3 meals a day included!

Dormitory fees are included so you don’t have to worry about anything, but to concentrate on your studies.

  • *Fees may change due to exchange rates, etc.
  • *The admission fee includes a shuttle bus from the university and the airport, you study visa, your ACR I-Card (non-resident registration card) and your SSP (special study permit). No matter how long your stay is, you only need to pay the admission fee once per stay.
  • *Fees may change due to exchange rates, etc.

2Can apply for credits to their home universities

Credits earned at Lapulapu-Cebu International College (LCIC) can be approved as credits by Japanese universities. You can have up to 60 credits approved.

*Some universities may have a limit to the number of credits that can be approved. As each university’s credit system differs, please check details with your own university.

3Can choose to attend classes of their home universities via remote learning while studying at LCIC

The time difference is only one hour. You can participate remotely in classes at your university from Lapulapu-Cebu International College (LCIC). You can take up to 60 credits.

*There may be some cases in which it is only possible to take some classes in practical subjects remotely. Please check with your university for details.

4New and fully-equipped shared dormitories in the campus

Dormitory rooms are shared (halls are shared houses) with maximum of 10 people to 1 unit with their own rooms. You can experience living a cross-cultural life with students of different nationalities.

5Popular tourist spots are nearby

Lapulapu-Cebu International College, (LCIC) located in Mactan island and is a tourist destination with may resort hotels. In recent years, it has become a popular tourist destination with Japanese people because of its beautiful natural environment.

+αStudents can also learn Korean and Chinese

Korean and Chinese Mandrin are also available for beginners.